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posted Aug 31, 2011, 7:45 PM by Pradeep Kumar Sreenivasaiah   [ updated Aug 31, 2011, 7:51 PM ]
  • Released 24 new pathways on 14Aug2011.
  • Fixed several bugs (visualization, search, fetching PUBMED details from NCBI using eutils) with New Release of IPAVS version 13Aug2011
  • KEGG reactions now points to reactants and products on the pathway. Since KGML does not provide co-ordinates for the reaction line for easy exploration we point to molecules involved in the interaction.
  • IPAVS now support comparison of analysis results, using tabular presentation of compared results. Also uses charts for graphical display.
  • Same pathway can be cloned multiple times and multiple observations can be simultaneously overlaid on the pathways. Useful for visualization of time series / multiple conditions experimental data as tiled pathways. One observation (time point/condition) overlaid on one pathway and such several pathways tiled next to each other.
  • Implemented Multi-pathways view to explore and visualize several pathways at a time(see slides).
  • Heat maps can be created for the entire map or for molecules that are mapped onto a specific pathways
  • Created BioSVG Symbol library consisting of >100 symbols/icons representing biomedical concepts ( few symbols have been incorporated into IPAVS as prototype already). 
  • Navigation features of the Map viewer were upgraded: can zoom in and out with mouse, use key board shortcuts to control the navigation. Pan the diagrams by click and dragging by mouse on the diagram.
  • Added several pathway annotation features: 1) overlay different shapes with several colors, symbols, charts and heat maps over the pathway diagrams. Users can represent their thought/concepts with symbols over pathway while thinking about biological mechanisms. Visualize dispertate sets of experimental data simultaneously using various visual cues. Together this feature can help researchers as simple but powerful thinking aid, allow them to use it like a mind mapping tool.
  • iPAVS updated its visualization:Users can visualize  their data as dynamic Charts.
  • Now iPAVS supports KEGG pathway maps and pathway information