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IPAVS updated!

posted Sep 20, 2011, 4:59 AM by Pradeep Kumar Sreenivasaiah   [ updated Jun 7, 2015, 3:50 AM ]
  • Data overlay can be animated (Animations can be customized with basic and advance animations settings )
  • Several bugs were fixed related to search, publications not displayed, reaction equations formats, analysis results display
  • Search module reimplemented -  more quicker search response time. The search results is displayed with subgrids ( ie. similar search results are grouped instead of showing them seperately)
  • Pathways in browser are now color coded depending on their assigned categories and biological roles
  • Several enhancements to user interface in analysis module (e.g Tabs are color coded - for better presentation)
  • Adding (~90) Biosymbols and symbol palette design is changed. now its easy to preview and choose symbols. ( see screen shots here: Use of symbols for mindmapping, UI )
  • Multiple files can be uploaded. The file upload can be done at any point of time into groups during analysis session. Even can upload a data from new file and merge data into a existing groups.
  • Several improvements in the way pathways are displayed (especially in multi-pathway group view).
  • Links fetches relevant information as well as marks the target content with visual cue. i.e. click on a link can open the target pathway and also mark the component on that pathway. e.g clicking on a reaction map-link will simultaneously open the details for the reaction; display the pathway in which reaction is modeled and also visually marks the reaction.
  • Valid BioPAX 3 files for all the pathway.
  • Will allow download of BioPAX,XGMML files in addition to existing formats.
  • Links to NCBI to show related publications and links to mining tools like iHOP from the publication tab
  • Users can now view the community contributions marked by tags on the pathway